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  • What age range is Gifted & Lit for?

    Children in grades K-5.

  • Does Gifted & Lit teach students how to read, write, and solve math problems?

    No. Gifted & Lit was not created to replace a teacher or parent's role in educating children. Gifted & Lit was created to inspire children and get them excited about learning. Gifted & Lit should be used as a supplemental tool by parents and educators.

  • How do the tools work?

    Gifted & Lit provides engaging tools that educators will use in concert with their curriculum. There are videos, audio tracks, PowerPoints and PDF files that can be used to reinforce what educators are already teaching. These tools are exciting and engaging and get kids enthusiastic about learning again.

  • Who created Gifted & Lit?

    Gifted & Lit was created by Derek Collins. Mr. Collins is an African American educator/therapist based in Atlanta, GA.

  • Is this a minority-owned business?

    Yes. Gifted & Lit is owned and operated by 2 African American women and an African American man: Derek & Robbyn Collins and Racquel Laborde.

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